Loin de l
Loin de l'œil

Loin de l’œil

The vineyard: . Loin de l’œil (Len de l’el) 100%. . Very stoney calcareous-clay soil, south facing aspect, 285m altitude . Permanent weeding of the rows and working of the soil between the vine stock . Multipile manual and mechanical operations throughtout the year in order to obtain a well-aired, healthy and perfectly ripe grape with a low yield of around 8 hl/ha The cellar : . Manual harvesting of grapes only in small crates after ripening by passerillage. . Direct pressing of whole grape bunches followed by cold débourbage of the must . Slow fermentation of the wine in barrels througout winter . Fermentaion is stopped by cold at the moment the ideal sugar/alcohol ratio is reached . Early bottling of the wine in spring, in order to maximise the preservation of all its flavours. Serve at 5°-7° to allow the aromatic and gustatative qualities of the wine to be fully expressed and appreciated.