The estate

The estate The family owned “Domaine de Brin” estate is situated between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes (in the appelation controlée of Gaillac)on a calcareous-clay plateau surrounded by an oak wood in a quiet and protected setting. Confident that the quality of wine depends on the good health of the vineyard and its environment, young winemaker Damien Bonnet insists on using organic growing and natural vinification methods. As such, the wine better reflects the region, the influence of the local climate and the characteristics of the particular grape variety.
The vineyard Grape varieties with a strong idenity typical of the Gaillac region – such as Duras, Braucol and Prunelart for red, Mauzac, Loin de l’oeil and Ondenc for white – are grown on the estate’s 10 hectares of land. Equally, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvingon are also grown, and, thanks to the local climate which is both mediterranean and oceanic, are able to fully express their individual characteristics. The land is made of a calcareous-clay soil, with the stoniest pieces of land reserved for white grape varieties favouring refinement and minirality. Red grape varieties are grown in the soil with the highest clay content, and at a slightly deeper level, for a better integration into the land. The organic methods used in the vineyard favours the life of the soils by using a natural weeding method and working of the soil between the vine stock. When needed organic fertilizer such as horse beans and oat are used to enrich the organic composition of soils. The vines obtain an equilibrium allowing a low yield of 20-35 hl/ha with healthy and perfectly ripe grapes.
The cellar After each grape variety is manually harvested at its optimum date, the grapes are turned into wine using naturally occuring yeasts. The maturing takes place – at a slow pace according to the rhythm of the seasons – in vats or barrels without added sulfur (only very low level sulfiting is carried out before bottling). Clarifying is done by the simple force of gravity, followed by decanting without fining agents. The red wines are bottled without filtration.
The wines The diversity of the grape variety, the soils, the climate and the passion of the winemaker allow a wide range of wines to be produced:
Reds: Abracadabrin,Vendemia, Anthocyanes, Brin De Temps, Amphore, Braucol
Dry Whites: Mauzac, Pierres Blanches
Sparkling white “méthode ancestrale” : DBulles
Rosé: La Vie En Rosé
Sweet Rosé: Brin De Folie
Sweet Whites: Loin De L’Œil
Preserved from standardisation, these wines are vibrant and authentic.